Top 10 Things Wrong with Prezi Next

Was considering buying. After reading this, I’m considering buying the classic offline version (not NEXT) but I have the refund link bookmarked now and the 14 day mark set on my calendar.

Yes. I agree.
I particularly like your annonyance factor.
But you clearly have more patience with Prezi Next than I do. I have tried on 4 or 5 occasions to do something with the tools it offers, and find myself giving up each time and using something else (either Prezi classic or Powerpoint, which I had previously been happy to leave behind).
What a joy it was to discover Prezi, to make slideshows that looked like nothing else before, to offer a dynamic and intuitive way to share and collaborate with our knowledge. This was made possible by zooming, rotating, adding multimedia and, most importantly, having full control over the sequence and pathway of the presentation.
I have made this request countless times before, and will continue to do so either until it is changed or I give up on Prezi altogether: do not force the user to continually return to the ‘top level’ Overview. This has an annoyance factor of 95 (out of 10). In terms of a presentation there is ABSOLUTELY NO justification for it (see how annoyed I’m getting), it prevents any kind of flow in presenting ideas, treats the users like idiots who cannot decide for themselves when it is a good moment to return to an overview and restricts the overall design and flow of a presentation.
I think removing this, and providing a more flexible approach to ordering, will help to put Prezi back where it belongs, and so many of the other annoyances you point out can also be fixed.
I will not use Prezi Next (because I cannot, and see no use advantage in doing so) until this is fixed, despite being an advocate for Prezi for more than 8 years.
Sort it out.
Please, Prezi please!


Guys, looking for a better alternative for Prezi next, i found Focusky, looks just like Prezi Classic.
I read a lot of reviews and apparently the software have an issue with videos, but for most of the functions it`s ok.

Good luck

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Thank you so much for sharing this.

I’m dropping Prezi for Focusky. It’s exactly what I need.

I agree totally, and for that reason, I, a faithful Prezi user have switched to Focusky, which is almost identical to Prezi classic with added functionality, and outputs to HTML 5. I didn’t need to learn anything new since my Prezi Classic background applied immediately!

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Yes but Prezi Classic is unstable on Windows and often crashes if you have a reasonably sized presentation with good resolution graphics, because afaik no 64-bit version is available. So continuing to use Classic is also not a good option, unfortunately. There is no reason why Prezi Next couldn’t add basic functionality like the possibility to move frames into a different topic so you can rearrange the sequence of your talk! Or at least a switch where you can hide/unhide frames so you can leave out some, if you want to shorten a presentation without losing those frames altogether.

Hi @Stefan_Rahmstorf,
Adobe blocked Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, 2021 therefore Prezi Classic is being discontinued.

Please note that we offer a 64-bit version of Prezi Next that you can download from this link.

If you use subtopics instead of frames you can move them in and out of topics, you can also remove the Zoom to frame animation from your left sidebar. This way you keep your frames, but you do not zoom to them when you present your project.

And thanks for your feedback, I’ll forward it to our product team.

I use prezi classic and it works well up to my standards. I use it a lot, but I have upgraded to premium not long ago and there were still some of the same issues happening as @Pitch_Kitchen explained.

Hello @charlie_wardrop, there are quite a few of the previously mentioned requests included in Prezi Present, our improved editor that combines features from Classic and Next.

Could you please point out what are some of these issues so we can help?

Hope to hear from you soon!