Top toolbar changed



I’m training some people on how to use prezi next but I was suprised to discover that the top toolbar of the editing tool has changed for some people :

  • those who created their account 2 months ago have a “File/Edit/Insert/…” toolbar
  • those who created their account last monday have a toolbar with symbols (Text/Images/Shapes/…"
  • I created a new account today to test this new toolbar and have the “File/Edit/Insert/…” toolbar

The “Getting to know the editor” section of the Support Center show both toolbars depending of the screenshots so I dont know which are right.

I’m pretty confused at the moment : I’ll have a new session with new people next week and I would like to know wich version of the toolbar they will get on their account and how can I display the new toolbar on my account to adapt my documents with this new version.

Do some of you have some tips to help me ?

Thank you in advance


Hi @Guillaume_Bregeon, sorry for the late response!

Please know that we are always testing different user interfaces to which structures/designs work the best.

This is the reason some people might have a different looking editor (the available functions however are the same).