Topic cover colour separate from background in the topics

I want to add an image as a topic cover, this is working fine, i can even add a pdf as a vector image so that this image is floating freely on the canvas.
To do this:

  1. I first choose “edit topic cover” to separate it from automatically showing the title of the first topic slide.
  2. then I add the image
  3. then I change the opacity of the background to zero to get that circle out of the way.

But this colour of the topic is still linked to the topic slides, even to ALL topic slides, that have now also 0 opacity … but I want a background colour there, if I change the coulour there,
again the circle appears in the topic cover …

Is there a solution for this?
What I do now is simply add a full screen single colour image behind the content in every topic slide …
Can this be done easier?


Hi @Paul_Naveau, you are on the right track with your workaround, that is the most effective way I know to currently achieve what you are trying to.
We know this isn’t the best workflow and we are looking into ways to give more flexibility. Thanks for raising the issue!

disconnecting the 2 would be a solution, of course you know that, but I guess that it’s a more complicated matter depending on how Prezi is actually built.
Good luck :slight_smile: