Topic Shape & Layout - PPT import

I just tried the Import PowerPoint feature and it is OK especially when you have ppt’s and you do not want to create presentations from scratch to get them into a Prezi. Now the feature that edits Topic Layout & Shape does not seems to be available except when importing a powerpoint. I even can’t copy a topic from an imported powerpoint prezi to another one. Any ideas how to access that when I’m creating my own prezi and not importing a ppt?

Hello @Ali_Darweesh, in case you’d like to change/edit the topic cover you’ll need to right click on the topic/subtopic circle and select Advanced topic editing. Please consult this article tutorial to learn more about using this feature. I hope this helps.

Thanks for the response Sara

I’m already familiar with what you said. It’s just that when you import a ppt to a prezi, another option shows up that is time saving and effective. I cannot find that in prezi’s that were not originally an import. The pictures below may show that better. Am I getting that wrong coz it doesn’t make sense to me that you have a feature in certain type of prezi’s only.


Hi @Ali_Darweesh, you are correct in the difference you spotted. It is in our plan to make this change, and more available to all presentations in the near future.

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Great. Looking forward to that time-saving feature!

Is there a list or tutorial available to indicate which templates have the “Shape & Layout” adjustment feature already available by chance??

At the moment, it is not template specific. If you start using the ‘Import from PowerPoint’ feature on your dashboard, you will have this, if not, you won’t.

@sebcachia gotcha. I typically start my presentations in Prezi & don’t do a whole lot in PPt. I get that you’re helping the transition over, but if there’s a way to pick something along those lines without using PPt first, I’m ALL ears!! Post an update when that option is available please?

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Sure. However, this type of Prezi’s seems to exist isolated from the rest; no copying of topics to or from any other already exiting prezi’s. I’ve got ready made topics in a source prezi where I usually use them to build new customized ones. I’ve been trying to use this feature for already made prezi’s but in vain. An update should make our life lots easier.


Hi all,

Unfortunately PPT prezis and prezis made from templates are not compatible at the moment - there are differences between the editors, and it is not possible to bring over content from one to the other.
Good news: our developers are working hard to bring these two together, and have all features available everywhere - meaning to allow you to change topic shapes and layouts in templates as well, be able to add PPTs to prezis made from a template, and be able to copy paste content from one to the other. I will let you know once it’s all available.
What will be available the soonest: to be able to change topic shapes in all prezis, for all templates.

Best, Zs.


I uploaded a ppt presentation and grouped the slides together. The program placed a shape around each slide and made it smaller. Is there a way to erase the shape and just have the slide?
Thank you in advance.

Hello @Montez_Jones, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

You’re able to remove the topic shape by accessing the “Advanced topic editor”, clicking on the right side of your mouse, selecting the shape and deleting it. You’re also able to remove the background of the PPT slides, if you wish.

Please, check this tutorial on how to do so.

Hope this could help, and let us know if you have further questions!

Used to use Prezi Classic for a long time, just changed to Prezi Next to try the new features.
Feel quite frustrated and helps needed!!

I have my Powerpoint file done. I also have my own Prezi background and canvas/layout format done. Now I have done the import. I can see my every powerpoint slides on the right side.
(1) When I drag a single slide into the canvas, it automatically creates a “topic shape” under my slide, which I don’t want. I want my slide to be clean and focused. On presentation, the view adjusts mainly according to the topic shape so overall the slide is eccentric. And I found no way to cancel this topic shape.
(2) When I drag a group of slides into the canvas, a topic window/zone is automatically created and all slides are in that separate window but not on my canvas, which I don’t want. I already have my own format (structured text blocks) done on the canvas. I just want my slides cleanly placed on the canvas.
(3) After giving up the powerpoint way, I tried the old PDF way. I imported an PDF file and dragged all its pages on my canvas. Now there are clean pages without those annoying topic shapes. However, there is no way to add these pages into the presentation path. I also found there is no way to add a text block or a figure/photo into the path (In the old Classic platform, you just need a simple click and the task is done). I searched the community forum and it says there is a function “+add page” at the left bar. But I can’t see that function on my prezi.
(5) In the old Classic platform, you can select multiple slides and change their order in the path. This function seems to be cancelled in the current platform, and I need to drag every single slide to change its order in the path.
(6) In the old Classic platform, there is a Presentation view and in that view you can just drag a midpoint to a figure/photo/textblock then that figure/photo/textblock will add to the path according to that certain midpoint order. I cannot find a Presentation view in the new platform. Everytime i add a new zoom area to the path, it is automatically placed to the first in the order, and i need to drag every single of them to their correct order in the path.

Can anyone help me here?? Thank very much!! I must apologize for my poor English.

Hello @Cher-wei_Liang, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

Could you please check the recommendations mentioned here?

Let us know if you have further questions!