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I would like to be able to go from a Planet-format Topic into, let’s say 3 Subtopics, but then before moving on to Subtopic 4 is it possible to zoom back out to the larger Topic view once more? I’ve tried looking through the Animations options, but I don’t quite see what I’m looking for. Almost like a “Add larger Zoom Out” or “Transition to Topic Name” at the Subtopic level, instead of the Default “Transition to Next Subtopic Name” if possible.

I’m currently in a Prezi where I have a Topic with 6 Subtopics and my team is getting lost and simply wants to review the Subtopics halfway through, as a reminder of where they are on the path. I can’t easily break this section into separate Topics, as this A/ is a corporate summary that belongs together, and B/ I already have a fair amout of other Topics to cover. Thanks!


Currently it is not possible to transition out of a subtopic to the parent topic with an animation.

What you can do as a workaround, is to use the ‘back’ button in the bottom left corer. It looks like this:

This will go back to the parent topic of the subtopic. So if you have 4 subtopics and you would like to go back to the parent topic for a review after the 3rd subtopic, you can click the ‘back’ button. When you wish to continue, then click on the 4th subtopic to continue your presentation from there. Please note that if you click on the arrows to continue, the prezi will continue from the first subtopic, so make sure you click on the subtopic itself you wish to continue your presentation from.

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Unfortunately, this does not work for making a second subtopic appear only after you’ve presented the first one. And it doesn’t work with a pointer, which is frustrating also.


Thanks for this. But switching back and forth between major and minor sections was such an important part of Prezi Classic - can you please make this a priority for development?


We will report this request to our responsible product team who decide how to prioritize our upcoming features. Thank you for your feedback!


I’ll add that this feature would be really helpful for me too. I like showing the main topic again instead of switching between sub-topics directly. This helps my audience track with me. The mouse work around is manageable, but it would really be nice to be able to do this with a remote.


I too require this feature. To be honest I find it absolutely astonishing that it isn’t there already - it was such an integral part of prezi classic. Prezi Next is pretty much unusable without it - might as well use powerpoint (well, almost!)


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After completing a sub-topic, the system automatically brings me to the next sub-topic. However, I want to zoom back out to the topic and then into the next sub-topic. I can do this manually when presenting, but don’t want my sales people to have to remember to do this. I want the system pre-designed to back out to the topic.

Any suggestions? Please don’t send me a link to any of the current help sections as I am 98% sure I have gone through all of them. They state you can do this, but I can’t get it to work. I can only zoom back out to the current sub-topic I am in once I have started animations.


I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but I think this is what I was looking for as well, here (sorry, link below), if I’m understanding you. Somewhat different use reasons, but basically needing a break between subtopics. And it isn’t an option at this time. My solution was to create an additional page with a reminder where needed (for example, at the start of your 2nd sub-topic, have a “recap” version of the topic)…

Please, by all means, correct me if our questions are not similar enough. And maybe @Vanda or @vera can update us both on the possible status?

You are 100% correct. Once I finish a sub-topic it automatically flows me
to the next sub-topic and does not allow me to get back to the Topic before
moving on. In the classic version, I could create a frame overlaying the
Topic to achieve my goal.

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Is this what you had in mind?

Yes, Vera, that’s what I need. I have several subtopic stacks of images. When I get to the end of the stack I want to go back to the topic because I might want to move to a different subtopic instead of going to the next one in the sequence. Without a Zoom to Topic or Zoom to Overview feature, I have to keep track of how many images are in that stack and which one I’m on so that I don’t accidentally move on to the next subtopic. As a workaround, I’ve placed a simple logo on the last page in each stack. This cues me that I am finished with this subtopic and should return to the topic using the back button.


Thanks for sharing the details, @Robin_Pierman, this makes sense, and I love your workaround . I’ve merged your feedback into the topic discussing this feature request for future reference.

On work around you could try is taking a screen shot of the overview screen and adding that as a subtopic page in the spot where you would normally want to do the review. I think that’s what I’ll be doing to avoid having to use the back arrow.


I like and hate your work around! I like it because it just may work (I have not tried it yet) and I hate it because this should not really be a work around. My company has decided to stay with Classic now and if Next’s updates do not happen or do not let us function the way we need to, we will be exiting the Prezi family. I am really sad about this, but even though Prezi says they are listening, there is very little evidence for my boss to see. I am trying to keep us here, but we are actively looking and trying other platforms. I hope Prezi update more things very soon! Sorry to be putting this on your post, but you have helped us more than anyone. That is also sad. :frowning: (Not you, but the fact that you and not Prezi staff have helped us with problems)


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This is just awful - please try to find a way to arrange the order of the animations e.g. zooming in to the 1. point of the main topic, then explaining in a subtopic and then going back to the main topic and zoom in on the 2. point.


I merged your reply into the topic discussing your request, @Sven_Rosenthal. We’ll update it with any news. Meanwhile, please check the workarounds suggested earlier in the thread.

Thanks for the reply! I want to be able to zoom out to “topic” (or a part of “topic”) before moving on to another “subtopic”. This does not seem to be possible. I’d also like to be able to go back to a topic or to a subtopic of a different topic.