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I’m currently running Prezi with a trial licence (first try) and I won’t purchase a full licence for sure if this feature is not implemented.
This is so helpful to keep your audience on track if you run through a lot of different topic/subtopics, especially in Prezi, as a quick, entertaining way of presenting.

This missing feature really a must-have!


We understand how this can be useful. Please note that, as @Vanda mentioned earlier, a more flexible path editing structure is already under discussion, and we will notify you of any changes as soon as we can.


I’ve been trying to make the switch to Prezi Next from Classic (still a bit angry about that) - but the inability to control the zooming in this way is a main reason I cannot fully switch over (not to mention the inability to migrate presentations from Classic).


We are hoping that more and more us Prezi’s customers will continue to speak out about these two main shortfalls of Next. We are like you in that we really were looking forward to Next and have tried for a full year to make the switch, but Next just cannot give us the look nor navigation that our trainers and our customers want. Let us all hope that this feature is very close to being changed or improved. Until then we are sticking with Classic. :frowning:


Hey guys,

is it possible to zoom out from a subtopic to a topic before zooming back to the overwiew?

thank you <3


@Kira_Hanschitz it’s currently not possible, I’m afraid, but you can set a custom starting point for your presentation. This feature request is under discussion in our product team, but in the meantime, feel free to check the workarounds provided in this thread.


Why did you ruin the one of the best features of prezi?? It is very simple and noting has cahnged for one year?? It is just zooming out to topic between subtopics

Please tell your product team to stop discussing this request anymore, one year must be enough.


We could not agree more! We thought that the new placement of the subtops would help and it has slightly, but with the complexity of our presentations Next is NOT cutting it at all. The moving topic to subtopic back to topic would really help. But there has been silence with this problem and others for over a year.

It is like they are hopeing that all of us who have been suggesting and complaining for features for OVER a year will just go away. It is starting to show us that Prezi either does not really care or that they have no idea what they are doing. . .Glad we are no alone and wanted to let you kno wthat you are not alone in your issues with Prezi either. :slight_smile:


Just tried to make my first Prezi and I thought the biggest upside to prezi was that unlike powerpoint it can be non-linear. After struggling for too long to figure out how to do what this topic is asking for, I realized that’s not the case. How much does this offer over powerpoint aside from ‘prettier’ animations, if you are only able to go from from slide A to slide B to slide C?

Some of the comments seem to have indicated that this had previously been a feature? Wouldn’t that be the core philosophy of such a thing? Non-linear powerpoint?

Mostly rhetorical, just wanted to add my frustration in as well that this feature does not exist.


@Donald_Haase Please check the workaround recommended in this forum post. Hopefully it helps!


OK, I’m very new here so forgive if this is a dumb question!

So I have 6 topics on my overview page. In one of my topics, I have 3 sub topics.

The current flow means that when I click on the topic and I am shown the 3 sub topics, and then I click on the first subtopic it takes me there. But when I click ‘next’, it takes me directly to the next subtopic.

Is it possible so that when I am IN a subtopic, and I click next, rather than take me directly to the next subtopic, I can zoom back out so I am shown all three subtopics. I then need to click next again to go into the second one.

I hope I have explained that properly!


@Richard_AUST I merged your question to the relevant thread, please check the forum post with a recommended workaround above.


Obviously this is a feature that was beloved in the old Prezi and that users want. Why it doesn’t get implemented is beyond me…


Not many of the features that made Prezi, Prezi are being implemented despite out cry for over a year! So sad. . . We are trying our best to adapt to Next, but it is such a inferior product that all is offered is workaround after workaround. . . Is Next a Beta? It feels like it. . . . Yeah, we are frustrated that customers’ requests are being ignored. . . .


If you are in a subtopic and you click on the little back button in the lower left corner you will go up one level. So if you are presenting and you move from the first topic to one of its subtopics you can return to the topic level by clicking the button. Click it again and you will go to the overview.

It looks like this: 41%20PM

Hope this helps!

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I guess I don’t understand why Next was coded to include the zoom out feature in between topics anyway. Unless it is supposed to contribute to the wow factor of the prezi, though that is a little self-indulged.


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This is really sad. I’m new in Prezi. Ive bought the plus version. The absence of this feature makes it difficult to keep audience in context of the topic. One need to see wider structure inbetween switches among details.


This is insane that this feature hasn’t been added yet even though it seems to have existed on Prezi classic and people have been requesting it for over a year here. I’m trying to create a map portal that zooms in and out of the map but it’s not possible without an option to return to the “topic” slide between “subtopics.” Think I’ll be cancelling my subscription before my trial account runs out.


You can get the effect you want by using Zoom Areas instead of topics. Put the map on the overview - not as a background image. Shrink the content and put them into position on top of the map. Zoom in on the first object and place a Zoom Area around it then add a Zoom out to overview. Do this for each object you want to zoom in on. The result will zoom in on the first area, then out to the map, zoom in on the second area, then out to the map…

Don’t give up on Prezi Next. Just get away from topics and use zoom animations instead. Read my blog article Use zoom areas to create a Prezi Next path.

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