Topic to Subtopic to Topic to Subtopic

We too have suspended use of this service due to all of the workarounds that take more time to do and make Next look bad. My boss wanted to know what we were paying for, when I could not show him any of the features that we lost from Classic, he not only suspended our use, but also suspended our use of our older presentations so that none of our customers would ask what presentation program we are using. Pretty telling. . . . PREZI PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS and FIX this and other features that we have been asking for since Jan of 2017!

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I’m just adding my voice to the sea of disappointed users. I haven’t needed to do this in a presentation in years, but I have one coming up that I wanted to do this with. Imagine my surprise to find out that after years of paying for a subscription, I can no longer do something that I was able to do for free when I first came across Prezi.

I mean, this should be a really easy fix (just add a zoom out animation, c’mon!). Y’all (Prezi co) are picking a really weird hill to die on.



Are there any updates on this feature? It’s been TWO AND A HALF YEARS since someone requested this feature which would take at most half a day for one SWE to implement. What is going on? Prezi Next is more inflexible than PowerPoint. Why anyone is still paying for it beats me.


I agree with all.
Topic, some animations in the topic
-> Subtopic 1
-> Back to Topic (some Animations)
-> Topic 2
-> Back to Topic

Why isn’t this possible, and why does this take so long to be solved, in spite of all the requests


I need this feature too!

As it’s been more than 2 years I’m guessing that the dev team either don’t really care or don’t know how to do it!


Totally agree with you @David_Harrison. I love the look of Next, but this feature of Classic I really do miss!

Hello, I’m not really fluant un english but I’ll try …

I’m curently trying to create a prezi, but I don’t know how do to somthing. I’m in a sub-topic page and they are 6 sub-sub-topic page I want between those page to go back to the sub-topic page but I don’t know how to do it…

Do you have an idea ?

Thanks for reading / helping

Hello @Emilie_Ther, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Currently, it’s not possible to do so in Prezi Next, but I recommend you to check this workaround. Let me know if it could help! :slight_smile:

Kāda nekā.