Topic to Subtopic to Topic to Subtopic


Once I’m in 2 sub-sections, how can I get back to 1 sub-section?

For example:
A = section
B = subsection
C= subsection

Once subsection C is done, I would like to return to subsection B before moving on to section B.

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Hello @Delphine_XIONG, currently this is not possible, the default animation flow goes from Section (topic) to Subsection (subtopic) A to Subsection Z, then Section 2. What you can do instead, is either go back a step by using the Back button, or go back to the main Section (topic) by using the Backspace button while presenting.

I can report however that additional topic path options are being developed at the moment and will be released to everyone in the future. You can read more about this on the official Prezi Blog here.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

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What baffles my mind is that you have this structure called planet which by default should provide the behavior everyone is requesting, i.e. topic/overview->subtopic 1 slides - >topic/overview - >subtopic 2 slides-> topic/overview etc, and then the structure called ‘stack’ which moves linear. Problem is that stack and planet operate functionally identically (albeit planet does more zooming through topic covers at every click, but is still linear everywhere EXCEPT the first slide of the prezi) . Just fix the planet structure to work the way its title implies consistently throughout your prezi. Having the planet structure operate correctly on the first slide but differently anywhere else adds to this confusion. If linearity is desired allow a stack within a planet structure. Right now these structures don’t make too much sense semantically (or functionally).

Let’s consider the Topic Screen as X, and each subtopic screen as A & B.

I’d like to move into X, then to A, then back to X, then to B. As it flows right now it goes only linear X, A, B… Sure you can hit the back arrow to X after A, but then you still have to go through A again to get to B?

This has been a known issue since 2017… Is the Prezi staff seriously this obtuse?

Well you can do that, but only on the FIRST slide in your presentation (referred to as the overview), now when you add the same ‘planet’ structure on the next slide (anywhere else other than the first slide) it behaves different, linearly. what I was getting at in my post above is that this is disingenuous and confusing to users as they rightfully expect this structure to behave as it does on the first (overview) screen and yet is broken everywhere else. Prezi should make ‘planet’ structure do the same thing everywhere in a prezi (not just the overview/first slide) and relegate the already existing alternate ‘stack’ structure for linear sequences. It seems Prezi management has been spending all their effort trying to make a way to import classic prezis to the new format, a pointless effort imo. BTW the latest version Ppt can now achieve all of this today (on any slide anywhere in the deck, with a few extra things like making slides invisible unless you specifically navigate to them) so I think Prezi should act fast before MS takes the cake away from them (they in essence have already done so, it’s just that MS is terrible at marketing the new Ppt features)