Tracking internal Team Activity without links



Question first & then perhaps this will turn into a suggestion depending on the answer…

Is it possible to determine if another team member has made a copy of your shared presentation?

For example, person A & B both belong to the same Prezi team account, and both use a shared folder (so that they can see/access all the presentations made for their company). If Person A creates prezi A & sends a link to Person B, because in this instance A presented to B internally, but also saved in the shared folder, can Person B skip the link and just make their own copy of prezi A instead, so they don’t show up in Analytics?

I get the feeling that has happened to me (as Person A) and I’m disappointed. In this instance I wanted to see what Person B stopped on, but I (perhaps stupidly) also saved in our shared folder. I see Person B has opened it up but then… nothing… and I suspect he “got smart” and opted to copy instead.

I’d like to know if there’s a way to find out one way or another?

edit to add — Let’s say Person B didn’t make a copy, and if that’s the case, follow-up question to above would be is there a way to find out who on the team is accessing and viewing shared presentations (so not necessarily editing or creating links, just paging through)? Basically, I guess I’m asking for internal team analytics too?!


We have tested the scenario and it is not possible to make a copy of a presentation even if it is in a folder shared by both Person A and Person B, the only way would be to give Person B editing rights.

In connection to your question about internal analytics, I’d suggest making all the viewlinks with the requirement of viewer name and email. Then you’ll see who checked it. Could that be an option?


@Lana Thanks, good to know about the copying! That makes sense.

About internal analytics, though- typically, yes, requiring the name/email works in 99% of cases, but since Persons A & B are on the same internal team, I think the shared folder might allow Person B to view without a link, correct? He can’t copy it, as noted, but he can still access and view.

I actually had another team member, Person C, help test this out with me just now and I believe it’s accurate to say any team member can view without a link/tracking as long as it’s in our shared folder. It’s not a huge issue if we can’t track sharing between the team like this (in most cases it doesn’t matter) but knowing this will help me better plan for if/when I add my presentations into the folder in the future.

And it’s maybe something to consider as a Prezi update- I can see where it could be helpful at least knowing when different team members are opening/viewing (such as via a Slack notification). Especially if, for example, I created something in 2016 and I notice someone on my team is opening it up to maybe create a new link to share elsewhere (we tested this out as well and Person C can create a link or download to PDF) but I know there’s some outdated info contained in one of the topics, I could use that notification as a flag to make sure I let the other team member know it should be updated before they use it. Does that make sense?


I am sorry for the late response.

Yes, it definitely makes sense. Basically, you would like to be aware of any views of a presentation even within the team. We can sure forward the idea!