Transcript function in Prezi Present?

I use Prezi classic in my classroom and have an assignment in which students create a Prezi to make a timeline. I have always required them to submit the transcript of their Prezi (along with the link) to run it through anti-plagiarism software. I am not able to find the transcript option on Next or any information about it in the support documents.

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I understand how having this option is very useful for you, however, unfortunately, we do not have the transcript feature for Prezi Next presentations at the moment.

edit: @Windy_Frank Actually we might be able to offer a workaround depending on what kind of file types this anti-plagiarism software can process.

With a Plus or Edu Plus license (that students can sign up for a discounted price) users can export their presentations in PDF format which might be compatible with the software.

Do you think this could be a feasible solution for you?

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That might work- I’ll try it out. Thank you!

The lack of a transcript in Prezi next creates accessibility concerns. How does Prezi Next work with screen readers?

@adsimpson89 Currently Prezi Next is not compatible with screen readers, we apologise for the inconvenience.

However, the exported PDF version can be used for this purpose, in addition to the option to add voiceover to your topics and subtopics (with a Plus license or above).

As a workaround, I can also recommend you to create a screen recording of your presentation with a screencast software that supports audio (e.g. Camtasia) and add your voiceover to the video.


Is there any functionality present that allows the customer to export the editable text used in the Prezi course for translation purposes using CAT tools.

Let me know if this is a functionality that exists/if there is any development for this to be available in the near future

@Daniel_Baldwin I moved your topic to he relevant thread, please see the workaround above.

If you export the presentation as a PDF file, you should be able to use it with CAT tools.


We have a Prezi presentation that we would like to translate to different languages and we were wondering if there is a way to export the content for translation and then upload the translated text into Prezi.
I have seen that there are some threads where it says export is not possible, but as they are a bit old we are wondering if there has been some update where something like this has been implemented.

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Ho @Marketing_Team, I have merged your question to the relevant topic, please check the responses above. :slight_smile:

I once saw the text from the whole prezi in outline form. I would like to find that again, but I’m having trouble.


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Hello @Emily_Bramnick, I merged your post with the relevant thread. I would recommend you to check the reply above :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello community, a transcript is now generated for any public presentations :slight_smile:

I still cannot see how to generate transcripts from my prezi present file?

Hello @Angie_Jones, firstly you need to change the privacy settings of your presentation to “Anyone on the web”.

Then, you can access the public landing page for your presentation by going to your Dashboard , right-click on the blue “Present” button of the presentation, and then select “ Open link in an Incognito window".

After, you should be able to see the transcript under your presentation :slight_smile:

Please, let us know if you were able to do so!

Thanks. I remember now the very important part of incognito window. Thanks