Transfer an editable file to another person's account in Prezi Next Plus?


Can I duplicate and transfer a final Prezi Next presentation to another person’s Plus account so that they can continue to edit in the future?


This might help. If they’re a collaborator, you can both work on it. And the person you shared with can also make their own copy to edit by themselves in the future if they would like:


The prezis I design for clients have my Prezi account shown as the owner. To transfer to the client’s account, I send them edit access to the prezi I have created, have them make a copy of it and rename it. That way they can have ownership of the copy. Since they renamed it there is no difference between their copy and mine, other than the ownership. After I confirm they have a copy to use, I remove them from the collaborators on my copy so they don’t accidentally edit the original.

Robin, Prezi Expert at