Transfer content from your PPT to your Prezi presentation

What you will need:

  1. Dr Unarchiver, or a similar tool that unzips .ZIP and .RAR files.

  2. PicMonkey, LunaPic, or a similar online tool for image cropping. You can also use Preview on a Mac to crop images.

  3. The PPT presentation. Here is the example:


  1. Change the extension of the presentation from .pptx to .zip.

  2. Drop your file into Dr Unarchiver. It should look like this:

  1. Click the ppt folder and then Extract in the top-left corner. Choose a location and extract the files. It’s usually best to create a new folder or change the name from β€˜ppt’ to something else.

  2. Once extracted, open up the ppt folder and then media to reveal all the image files within that ppt. Should look something like this:

How to:

  1. Look through the PPT and decide how it can be replanned.

  2. The example is divided like this:[50aadef01e8e74aa305fa84715bd7e71]_Image%202018-05-04%20at%202.00.31%20PM.png

  1. Which gives us this structure:[6e941064f1e7f4ec2c8b8f5c86046838]_Image%202018-05-07%20at%203.22.40%20PM.png

  1. Now we can do the overview. We should take the image that was in the first slide and edit it. Prezi displays in 16:9 and it is easier to have your background image in the 16:9 ratio.

  2. To make an image 16:9, you can use Preview, LunaPic, or PicMonkey - the latter might be the best one for our purposes as you can choose a ratio from a dropdown and then drag around.

  1. Once you have 16:9 image, make a new presentation with any template (the blank one would be the best for this purpose).

  2. Select everything in the template (CMD + A/CTRL + A) and delete it.

  3. Add the 16:9 image as a background.

  4. Now we can add the topics and the subtopic (according to our previously decided structure) and the title of the presentation – the fonts are not the same but you can find a matching one amongst the selection.

  5. To maintain the minimal overview, I edited the topic cover and made the circles completely transparent and removed any text from the topic cover.

  6. Edit the first topic. Insert the image and the icon from the media folder. Add the text too. Then add a new page and reproduce the 3rd slide in the same way. Note: you can crop all the images to be 16:9 – I left it as it is as I do not mind that some of the image stays outside.

  7. Move on to the second topic. Add the background image and the text and place one stack subtopic wherever you believe it suits best – I chose the very middle.

  8. Now we can edit the first page of the subtopic. After adding the image and the text, we need to add and edit the chart. Choose the chart type – pie chart in our case.

  9. First, add the data and then add the colours that match the initial colours of your chat (you can β€œpick” them like this if you use a colour picker and copy paste the Hex code – for Windows users, there is a good suggestion here on how to get Hex codes. Then, for that minimal look, you can remove the legend.

  10. Make sure the text colour matches the chart as in the PPT.

  11. In the next page, we reproduce slide 6 by adding the background, the icons and the text. But before that we want to add that hazy look to the image: we add a white rectangular on top of the image and adjust its opacity this way. Now we can add the icons and the text.

  12. Move on to the next page. There is a little trick here: I first add a black rectangular to cover the whole surface of the page and then add the image not to the middle but to the corner this way so that the text and the arrows fit nicely too but there is no overview background visible.

  13. On the last page, we need to add the title and the icon first. After that, we can reproduce the list. First, I add the little dot image and make 8 more copies of it and align all of them one under another, after that, the text can be added next to each dot.

  14. The end-result Prezi presentation:
    PPT conversion example by Lajos The Alpaca on Prezi Next

:pushpin: Additionaly, we would like to credit David Hooker, the Lead Evangelist for Prezi, for providing this step-by-step guide. You can find his podcast, The Narrative here and his TEDx talk here.

Wonderful! Thank you for the detailed instructions.

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