Transferring and accessing Local Prezis on a Mac


I have just got a new Mac and transferred all of the Prezi files over to the same location where they were stored on my old machine - Users/username/Prezi but when I open the Prezi (Classic) Desk top app - the local prezis do not load.
Please can you advise me on where I should locate the ‘Prezi’ folder?
Many thanks


Hi @Sarah_Atkinson, could you try the following path please and transfer your Prezi content here?

Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/com.prezi.pitch.desktop/UID/content

Let me know if this doesn’t solve the problem and we will further look into it, thanks in advance.



Many thanks for getting back to me - I have tried what you suggested - see screen gran but it’s not loading up - have I done the right path?


Hi Agnes - please can you check the path in my previous message and let me know?
Thanks so much.


Sorry for the inconvenience, could you send us the version number of the app you are using?


Prezi Classic Version 6.14.0


Thanks, could you try copying the entire com.prezi.desktop folder to Library - Application Support?