Transparency controls

Transparency control would be a great addition to the interface…

this could apply to Text, Shapes, Lines, and Images… this will allow for overlapping of objects, and with a TimeLine control, this could lead to simple animation and fades/wipes etc.

This is going to be a superb app!!

Thank you

coming soon… :slight_smile:

than again, we did not plan to implement a timeline -would it not add too much complexity?

You have a very difficult job.
Out in the marketplace is a real demand for exactly this kind of software. Enabling a non-linear approach to communication.

ONLY thing is the tools available look shiny and new, but are in fact stuck somewhere back in Microsoft Paint days. 3 fonts, no colour choice, only 1 line- with an arrow whether that is appropriate or not, no constrain to straight line for any other line types, only one shape, only one inbuilt constrain ratio (which is NOT correct for all plasma/HD presentations) NO ability to occasionally add bold or italic formatting or change a single word colour CORRECTLY for effect,

The kinds of people who could really make this fly for you are already accomplished designers but who kind of expect the tools to reflect somewhere between Photoshop and Illustrator. And instead of just saying show me an example perhaps you should be more honest amd stamp BETA all over your software then publish a prpoer timeline of what you are working on and when it can be expected.

So far this software is FAR more restricting than it is liberating. Why, because I have to spend MUCH more time in Illustrator than for even a single Powerpoint…

You have an opportunity here to PROPERLY change the face of presentations - for ever. But only if you listen to your customers and implement this stuff fast. Why? Becasue if you don’t someone bigger adn better will. Just having a technical advantage does not mean you product will last. You should learn from the Betamax/VHS story…

I want somethign new, but ONLY if I get to decide how it ends up looking. So get rid of all the behind stage coding tricks and put them out front and central where we can then show you EXACTLY what can be achieved with your little toy.


I see your points, and we are working hard to create everything we can - in the meanwhile, when visual pros are using prezi, even sometimes myself, I simply use illustrator or flash, and use prezi for the path, frames, camera movement.

I know its not the best it could be, but its a fast and efficient workflow for the moment enabling very unique and carefully designed prezis.

like this one…


Hi John,
Even with 1 color, 1 font, 1 size, using only capitals to highlight terms, You’ve managed to get your message across…

But you also managed to get across the opposite point…

Even though I regret the absence of some features, I like Prezi because it helps me tell my story.


It has been 3 years since Adam said “coming soon…:)”
What is the status?

its a bit hidden, and not easy to use, but for many objects you can set transparency in the CSS editor (open from color wizard). unfortunately we did not do simple to use transparency controls.

Hi Adam. Thank you very much for getting back to me.

I think what I am looking for is the animated fades or wipes that PeterL was discussing at the top of this thread.

I love the fact that I can show a map, plan or section and zoom in and out of desired areas so that my audience can follow along. But there are times when I want to have a clean image and then only when I zoom in do I want text, or an arrow, or a box to appear.

Any advice for this?


In a similar vein. I’d like to be able to place an ‘invisible’ object (i.e. transparency = 0%) and then when i create the next path to make that same object ‘visible’ (i.e. transparency = 100%) while still maintaining my current frame view.

I too am wishing I had some control over image transparency. I am using Prezi to present sculpture placement options to a governmental body and am trying to get them excited about the idea. It’s one thing to place static JPG’s in a Powerpoint presentation and say this is where we want to put sculpture, flipping from one static page to the next. Quite another to show the entire region and the fly to multiple locations using the power of Prezi and then have the ability to drill down through multiple layers as they phase from 100% opaque to 100% transparent - zooming in from a regional street map to a neighborhood aerial of a park to the physical location shot and finally a Scottie “beam in” of a sculpture in place. I hope you are making progress!!!

Even if we had a simple control to set the transparency from frame to frame transition, it would make a huge difference in the usability of Prezi. I don’t understand why this is such a difficult concept to grasp or complicated tool to implement?