Transparent background

Presentations allow you to add an image. a solid color, and and two gradient colors. However, the color setting does not allow your to apply transparent/no color. Why not? Is there a trick I’m missing?

Hi @JJ_JJ , could you please send me a screenshot of which feature do you mean exactly?

Please add an opacity/alpha channel setting to the background editor here:

Most other objects in the editor allow you to adjust the opacity / alpha channel. It’s odd why it’s omitted for the background. Here is the opacity slider for a shape.

Hi @JJ_JJ, Thanks for the detailed feedback, could you please explain a bit further how would you imagine this feature? What would be visible behind a transparent background color? Is there a specific use-case that would need this feature?

@Bart Like with Prezi video I would like the prezentation of my content to be without a background image or color. Just transparent. I would like to use this as an input channel into OBS studio. From there I would mix the Prezi content with other channels such as other images, backgrounds, green screens, people, sound, etc. OBS studio does amazing things, Prezi does amazing things. I would like to combine the power of each tool. The last thing I would want is Prezi to put more resources into mixing channels like video, sound and other media. Just as I would not like OBS Studio to work on designing presentations.

Do one thing and do it well.

Hi @JJ_JJ, thanks for the clarification, I will forward that feedback to our product team. As this is not something that is on our roadmap I might not expect a quick update on this, but we will still post here any news. :slight_smile: