Transparent backgrounds

Some of the best videos have had slides with transparent backgrounds. I was wondering how to do this? Do I have to use Prezi for the presentation also? Can upload a PowerPoint file and do this?

Hello @Glenn_Platt, yes the best way would be creating a presentation in Prezi Presentations and converting it into a video, as shown here.

You can upload a ppt in your presentation, and you can remove the “topic bubble” attached to it. You just need to right-click with your mouse on the ppt topic, then select: advanced topic editing. In the advanced editing, you’ll be able to click on the bubble and remove it.

Let me know if this was helpful!

Hello ! I would like to do the same as Glenn but I do not find the “topic bubble” (and don’t know what it is) to be removed. Could you shed light on this point please ? Also, I have a “Plus” subscription, do I need to be “Next” ?
I would be most gratefu if omeone could help me with this issue :slight_smile:

Hello @Celine_Bossart, firstly, I’d recommend you to read this article regarding topics and subtopics, specially the video tutorial :slight_smile:

A Plus subscription gives you access to Prezi Present (or the old Prezi Next), so you’re all set regarding your license.

Please, let us know if you have further questions!