Trial of different subscriptions?


Hi, if I would like to see what is the difference between the plus and the business package do I have possibility to try both in a free trial? or only one of them?


Hello, @Krisztina_Vago. Please know that our Plus license is designed for our individual users, however, if you would like to use Prezi to work with your team, we do have Team licenses. For the trial of Plus license, you would need a Prezi account. You can sign up for a free trial here. And if you would like to try the Team licenses, please use the demo request form here.

I hope this helps!


Hello Lana, thanks for your answer. No what I meant : can I as an “Individual” person can try both “Plus an " Premium” - to see the difference?


@Krisztina_Vago I think if you just tried the Premium you’d be set? @Lana can correct me if I’m wrong in this, but if you decide to continue with a paid license after your trial, you could pick Plus or Premium at that point. And the only difference between the two options is you’d lose the Analytics & any extra support by choosing Plus. Might as well see what the data can do for you and then determine if you actually need it. I don’t see where you’d need to actually go through trials of both based on that… Does that help?


(And this is my own summary, but the Business option is basically Premium accounts that are tied together as a team. We have that & it’s a nice collaborative tool.)