Troubleshooting FAQ


My presentation has lost content, can you help me recover it?
I’ve accidentally deleted my presentation, can you help me recover it?
I can’t add an image
I can’t edit my presentation

Error message
Error message id:1200
Error message: The content you wanted to modify was too big or small to fit on the Prezi canvas
Error message: Not Enough Memory, Prezi Has Crashed Shockwave Error
Error message: We’ve lost connection to Trying to reconnect.
Error message: There is not enough memory for this presentation to load
Error message: id: 2500 the reason is: media_error
Error message id: 400
Error message: “An error has occurred. Please try again later.” (Youtube video won’t play)
No connection to (Prezi Desktop)
Error message id: 3001
Error message: Exclamation mark (“!”)
Error message id: 10000

My presentation/part of my presentation won’t load
None of my presentations will load
I can’t export my presentation as a PDF
My portable presentation won’t play
Why have my images disappeared?
The pictures in my presentation are stuck processing
Blank page runs in my browser
I’ve set my presentation to autoplay. Why won’t it loop?
Missing Autoplay cogwheel icon and Play button

Storage and file size limitations
My presentation is missing, can you help me find it?
All my presentations have disappeared
I’ve deleted my presentation but it keeps showing up on Google Search, why?