Troubleshooting with export and editing prezi

After exporting my presentation i can’t actually press the “edit” button and edit it. I’ll always be redirected in “We’re having trouble accessing the Prezi editor” page. How to fix that? Or it’s just a Prezi bug? if it’s my own problem, is there any other ways to edit my presentation after exporting?

Regards, Tatyana

Hello @111116, by exporting presentations do you mean downloading them? Please note that downloaded portable presentations cannot be edited, these are standalone files that you can present offline. To be able to edit presentations you’ll need to go to your dashboard either in your browser online, or in the desktop application. If you need further assistance please let me know.

Yes, the download was successful, but when I tried to edit the non-exported version in the browser, prezi redirected me to the error page. I can’t go to editing in the browser and in the desktop application. I attach a screenshot

Hello @111116, can you please try logging out and back into your account?

I logged out. Nothing changed. editing is not available

Hello @111116, in case you cannot edit your presentations most likely your computer or browser does not fully meet the system requirements. Please consult this article tutorial. I would also suggest making sure a firewall or another security software running on your computer is not preventing you from accessing the editor.