Try our new 3D templates

Dear Community - we would like to try something new together with you. We made a 7 new templates using 3D effects. We would love to see what you do with them!
Here is how they look like:

See the comments below for each, and how to use them best.


This is a simple template using a cut-out clouds behind your presentions. Just press [Make a Copy] below the prezi to get yours.

A fun, Anime inspired seaside template. Best to talk about something inspiring?
Press [Make a Copy] below the prezi to get yours.

Use this bridge in the clouds to show how you got from start to finish!
Press [Make a Copy] below the prezi to get yours.

Compare ideas in the garden of Apples and Oranges. See how they get in focus to help your audience get clarity about what you comapre.
Press [Make a Copy] below the prezi to get yours.

A simple Autumn feel. Press [Make a Copy] to get your copy.

Another Anime inspired Templates. If you zoom deep enogh, you’ll get beyond the city.
Press [Make a Copy] to try it.

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Put your story beneath the Cinggo leaves. Can you find the cicada?
Press [Make a Copy] to try it.

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Oh wow that’s nice! The 3D effect on the background makes the zooming experience really come alive!
Thanks Adam (and the whole team) for continuously driving the innovations forward, Prezi just keeps getting better and better!
I’ll try working with a copy of one of those, curious to see what’s there after I press the edit button?!


Thanks Paul, glad you like them :slight_smile:
When you copy one, it will be a prezi on your dashboard that you can edit. Everything works as it should, only the background looks 3D.

WOW!!! Absolutely great!!!
I will probably use them.
Reminds me a little off the multilayered backgrounds in the past, where by zooming in and out you could get one of 3 backgrounds (doubt if that’s still possible). Used that for some presentations years ago but it took extra time getting the zoom correct and sometimes it was also a bit or quite distracting. Stopped using them after some presentations but at that time I thought how great it would be if you had one 3D background like in this video…
So happy they are here now. Hope in the future it will become possible to even make customised 3D backgrounds (when I give a lecture I often choose a background that relates to the organisation that invited me so that one is still a 2D image, but adding some clouds or something … so great to use prezi)


Wow, this layering. I’m loving the depth. It’s really good to build something that I can Multiverse my lessons with. I am going to build something with one or a few of them this week or next likely. These are great. I do remember custom zooming a lot of them back in the day on Classic. This just gives the automatic depth. Any chance for cellular or science particle types? Those would give great “in-depth” looks too. These are fantastic. I am looking forward to copying these.


Peter, here you go :slight_smile: 3D Template - Cells by Adam Somlai-Fischer on Prezi Next
I used machine learning to generate the cells.

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UWU OoO you lovely person you. This is absolutely great. Look at the basis for this… SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES!!!

Thank you kindly. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I would love to be able to create 3D backgrounds like this myself.
Can you do it?
Please make it happen.


Nice work! Is there a tutorial on how to create similar on my own?

Bart I believe you are showing us something very new… It seems to me that in these templates we have a two-layers background image…
In fact, when I jump inside a topic the background changes…
Am I guessing right?

Depending on the depth, the focus of the background image changes…
Because it’s not 1 image only, but more images (probably transparent png) together…

Exactly, its a set of transparent PNG images. some have blur, some dont, etc. :slight_smile: