Trying to save a copy of Prezi classic from Edu Standard account to another

We use Edu Standard accounts and a colleague has recently left the organisation. They wish to transfer a Prezi classic from their account to a different account. I have logged in and shared the Prezi with the new Edu Standard account and ticked to allow copies to be saved.
In the new Edu Standard account i can see the Prezi, but i cannot see a Save a copy button. Is this possible to transfer between 2 Edu Standard accounts?

I think i’ve worked it out.

I had the Prezi set to hidden, ticked to allow others to duplicate and then added the 2nd user as an editor. This seemed to only allow me to edit the original and not save a copy.
I changed the permissions to only be a viewer rather than editor and then i was able to ‘Make a copy’.

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