Turn off camera when editing

Hey Prezi crew:

I want an option to turn OFF the camera in camera menu. When I’m creating slides for a presentation, i don’t need to see my face or my office, just the slide content placed against any background (white, black, whatever). With the camera on, the fan comes on too on my computer—because Prezi CHEWS CPU resources. Its annoying! It would be a simple option to turn off the camera for the slide creation process, which I’m more and more doing in Prezi and not in powerpoint.

Good idea?

Best wishers, Ralf

Hi @Ralf_Humphries, thanks for the feedback.

It’s possible to hide the main panel of the Prezi Video desktop application from the View menu so you only see your sidebar for content editing and control.

You can also decide to use Prezi Present (or the Prezi Next Desktop application) to create your presentation that you later import into Prezi Video.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your reply Bart.

Ahh! There’s another Desktop App. I’ll check that out.

I have tried hiding the main panel, but I actually want to see the main panel when I’m creating slides, so that’s not effective.

What I really want from Prezi is seamless integration with my Zoom calls and presentations, so I can use it more and more to add content in the moment. With the drain on CPU from displaying 2 videos at once (Zoom and the PV app), and the fan running hard, its less viable.

Hi @Ralf_Humphries, if you are hiding the main panel in Prezi Video and you are in a Zoom call you can just attach Prezi Video as a sidebar to your Zoom window so you only see one video stream. Does this help to manage CPU resources better?

Could you also send me your exact computer specifications?