Turn your Prezi presentations into videos for your most moving stories

Prezi is all about visual communication and storytelling, and sometimes in order to tell a really moving story, you need it to be actually moving - so why not make your presentation into a video?


Prezi’s primary magic lies within the ability of freely moving inside the presentation by zooming on the details that are most relevant to the audience or zooming out to see the big picture. However, there are some cases when sharing your presentation as a little movie is the best solution. Let’s imagine that:

  1. You need the presentation for an exhibition or a conference where it would be showcased on a screen in the background, playing on loop.

  2. You want to add background music to your presentation to set the mood.

  3. You want to share your presentation on social media or YouTube so people can watch it straight from their feed without having to open the view link in a separate tab.

  4. You just want to get creative and make a very unique video.

  5. All of the above.

Prezi is designed to help turn your conversations into presentations by giving you the ability to zoom in and out freely on the canvas but this alternative solution may come handy when you aren’t able to present live.

You would only need a screen recording app for this purpose and, luckily, there are several (even free!) options to choose from. Here are a few examples:



Once your presentation is ready, just go to Present Mode and start recording with your chosen software. You can decide on the pace and the order, so try to decide beforehand or even do a trial run.

Several screencasting tools allow you to edit your recording when it is ready but you can also use your computer’s built-in video editor (Movie Maker for Windows and iMovie for Mac) to make the final touches on your video masterpiece.

Here you can add your background music or voiceover, trim the length of the video, crop the screen and even add some visual or audio effects if you are feeling artistic. The sky’s the limit!

Without further ado, here is the original Prezi presentation and the video it was turned into.


Happy creating+presenting! As usual, do not hesitate to post any questions here.

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