Two features that would make prezi even more great

I have used Prezi for several projects now, I feel one important feature Prezi really lack is ‘LAYERS’, Prezi is heavily image-based, Prezi outrun other presentation tools on visuals, but it often happens that Prezi can’t fit additional texts/images in the same screen of background image.
if you been using photo or video editing tools, you probably will notice they have layers for better editing , for Prezi though, it should be a feature that in presentation user could fade out from one layer to other layer, so that it could bring part of the elements to next slide without moving the screen.
The other feature I would like Prezi to have is set the frame at the current screen, it’s really hard to set the frame when you need to pinpoint the frame to exactly part of the presentation, it would be great if Prezi has a button allow user to set a frame that will show the current view in presentation.

Hello andrew shen,

yes these are good ideas - we do have a feature where you can swop the position of images in relation to others using the ‘send to back’ bring to front etc - which gives you some layering techniques (

Also, if you use the ‘edit path’ button at the bottom of the path thumbnails (shortcut ‘P’) - you will see a ‘add current view’ button which take a snapshot of your current position and put a frame and path on to it.

Hope this helps



Don’t forget that (if you haven’t already) you can upgrade your license to
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Actually, when I say “Layers” , it’s not only about images, let’s say I have two pictures that will fit into each other, for example, two maps of the same location but with different indications and scales, as they should fit perfectly into each other and I will want to present both of them, I would like my slides to switch back and forth between them(in which case, the background picture) and possibly the texts on the screen too without necessarily move my screen.
So this layer idea basically means users should able to fade in/fade out a single item or fade in/fade out all but one item so that they don’t have to move the screen, one thing about Prezi is that I found too much movements in presentation can really annoys audience, it might be a good idea to combine current Prezi with more traditional presentation tools.