Tying fade in to path step and setting time of appearance

I just recently started using Prezi, and I love the architecture it has for visually demonstrating the relationship between ideas with the zoom, pan, and rotate system.  Being able to fade in content is also a great feature.

There are a few more I’d really like to see:

  1. path auto-play
        it would be really helpful if for each path (or content animation (fade-in)) if you could select the path with a pop-up menu allowing for an auto-play action for that path with a selectable delay in action.  This would permit a view move followed by a fade-in without requiring a second click to have the content show.

  2. fade out
       while most of the time, it’s not a significant issue to have content that has faded in to remain… there are times when it’d be handy to be able to have content fade out as a separate item (although delayed action - see above - would be incredibly useful as well).

  3. expanded animation
       other content animations similar to PowerPoint’s would be useful - just a few more like fly-in, grow, spin, bounce, and drop etc… plus a way of doing exit effects would add a hugely powerful capability.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d be willing to pay extra for premium effects.

Sure.  What I’m hoping for is something that would tie an object animation (currently only fade-in is available) with the previous path move automatically.  Just being able to have it ‘auto-advance’ to include the fade-in of the first fade-in would be great.  Better would be (without setting the whole press to auto-play) to be able to set a delay from 0 sec to 10 in .1 sec intervals between the completion of the path move and the start of the fade-in.  Better still would be the capability of doing that for each set of objects with fade-in set.  Best still would be the option for the first object to fade-in as it comes into view along with the completion of the path move (‘on approach’).

Is that any more clear?


At the moment it seems fading in has to be an extra step that happens while in a frame. The idea is that you have an uncluttered summary image - illustrating the next few steps in a Prezi - then, as you transition to each step more details about that step appear without having to zoom in THEN reveal, making for a fairly clunky transition.*

Additional functionality in animation would be GREAT!   the ability to make items appear/disappear would be a great feature.   I would also like to be able to do this without having to ‘zoom’ to the item …

Thank you for considering the options