Unable to add voice-over recorded with Quick Time

Hi all…i am a new prezi user and have my presentation set up. i am trying to insert a voice over. I recorded the voice over for a step path using Quick Time. I tried to upload it and i keep getting error messages saying it’s not a recognized format. Im sure it’s a simple fix, but i cant figure it out. I tried saving the voice over file as an M4A and mp3…no luck. Thoughts?

hello bb

Hi Vera. Thanks.  I saw this list as I was doing my recordings and I tried both a M4a and mp3 format and neither was working. Im using Quick Time. I recorded my voice over, and then saved it with the m4a extension. Is there more to it??

it uploads, and then I get  this message.  

i figured it out. Once i had my Quick Time audio. I needed to export it to iTunes. AND…for some reason I needed to have iTunes OPEN before i did the export for it to work, and then leave it open while inserting my voice over.  

I tried so many different things to make it work…knowing i had the write audio format…and this seemed to do it.

My prezi is done, and the audios are all set. Thanks for checking back!