Unable to convert PPT

I am new to prezi and hold

License Type:Edu Plus
Valid Until: 14 November 2019.

i am unable to convert PPT files, saved with MS office 2016.

what may be the issue…?

Hello @VP_vaishakh, could you please send us a screenshot of what happens when you try to do so so we can investigate it? :slight_smile:

When I upload, I get an error message at the end and asked to retry

Hey @Randy_Hoffmann, I merged your post to the relevant thrad. Could you please send us a screenshot of what happens?

Also don’t understand why chat is not available to me when I upgraded my service to get it.

Hi @Randy_Hoffmann, I tested your account and was able to convert a PPT. Could you please try and see if it works from a different browser, incognito mode or on a different network? I’m sorry for the inconvenience, our chat agents will be online from 17:30 (CET).

What browser do you recommend. The chat area is not accessible to me. It says I need to upgrade my service

I have tried Foxfire, Microsoft Edge and Chrome. All three failed to upload

Hi @Randy_Hoffmann, you can reach us on chat from the editor. If you open any of your presentations in editor mode, the chat will be there, your Plus license enables it.

Is it possible for you to provide the PPT file which is not uploading? If yes, could you please upload the PPT to Wetransfer and send us the download link?

We have tested your account and you should be able to upload a PPT. You can also try to split the PPT file if it might have more than 30 slides. :slight_smile:

Could you please check if you are able to convert this sample PPT I’m attaching here?

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I am attempting to convert a PowerPoint presentation to Prezi, but I continue to receive the same error message towards the end of the process.

Failed to upload slides. Please click reload to try again.

I have used Chrome, Microsoft Edge and the Prezi Desktop app

I have a same problem, please someone let me know what’s the problem

Hi @Minho_KIM, @Keith_Nauman, I’ve merged your questions to the relevant topic.
There was an issue with the PPT upload recently but it should be fixed now, could you please verify if it works fine for you?

Good Day

Has this problem been solved? I am also having trouble uploading my pptx.
When I try upload a ppt without design, it works, when I try upload a template pptx I have designed, it fails.

Hi @Shawn_van_Zyl, do you get an error message when you are uploading the PPT? What does it say exactly?

What do you mean by designed template? Do you have special components in your ppt? Could you share an example ppt you are having trouble uploading?

Hi, same problem here, but not with the error message. When I try to import my pptx the page takes me to my desktop, where I have my pptx, but it lets me choose only from folders, it doesn’t show any other document.

Hi @Agnieszka_Szerafin, could you double-check if the file type dropdown lists all files or it includes .pptx extension? As a workaround, can you try to save your PowerPoint in a .ppt format instead of .pptx and try again?

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I’m having the same problem! I even tried the sample ppt. and this is what happens:

Yes, thank you, it worked. It was a .odp.

Hi @Bellyn_Whitteker, Could you please login to your Prezi account in a Google Chrome incognito window and try it there?

You can open an incognito window in Google Chrome by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + N on a Windows PC or CMD + SHIFT + N on a Mac.