Unable to edit prezi

Its not serious way for solving problem. There is my document “deneme 2” wich I try to edit but unfortunately no possibility for it. No responsible contact, no serious responsibility. I cancel my license.

Hello @Caner_Suleyman, I’m trying to assist you and I have investigated your account. That presentation has no content inside of it, that’s why it’s not possible to open for further editing. Were you working on the desktop application?

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Olá @lucinda_almeida_noro, juntei o seu comentário à publicação correspondente. Poderia dizer-nos que navegador está a utilizar para que a possamos ajudar?

Hello, I can not edit the presentation I have been working in since 2-3 weeks ago (https://prezi.com/p/edit/_rrrhrqogt9h/). I can view it and it is fine. I am using the free version, do I need to upgrade now? Or this is just a temporary problem in your website? I can access ok to other preliminary attempts I had made before, the problem is just this one.
I have already tried in another computer and also in Edge instead of Chrome.

Hi @Maria_J_Moya, could you tell me what is happening when you try to edit this presentation?

Could you send me a screenshot of the issue?

Hi Bart, thank you for your answer.

I have just checked, I could edit it and it seems to be working fine. The problem was Saturday and Sunday. The image was blurred and there was a circle in the middle that stood halfway. Whatever happened is over now. I hope it keeps that way!


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