Unable to Edit, Share or Present - Black screen

I have been working on a prezi all weekend, I have to present it tomorrow and now I can’t edit, present, or share it. It just has a black screen on every slide. Am I am missing something? I was able to do all 3 while I was testing it over the weekend.

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Hello @Gabriel_Quiroga, could you please send us a screenshot with the issue? Which browser are you using? Hope to hear from you soon!

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I have the same problem. I have shared my presentation with a client and they say that every time they try to view the presentation the screen is black. I however am not seeing the issue my client has from my desktop. My client says they tried Chrome and Internet Explorer. I have attached the screen shot below.


Quiero ver presentaciones en Prezi Next y aparece toda la pantalla en negra, si paso el cursor por abajo aparecen las miniaturas, pero no las puedo ver en pantalla total.

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same here for chrome and IE! what can i do ?

Por favor ajudem-me! fiz uma apresentação e desta vez, ao abri-la no prezi, não a consigo ver em tela…apenas na visão geral!! ajuda!! trabalho importante

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Também estou com esse problema.

Hello prezi team,
i write u cause I can’t open ,edit or even share my presentation it’s for my final degree now i am blocked i need your help please

Hi, i have a presentacion made on prezi next, the link was working when i finish, but now that i try to enter to the presentation it doesn’t load or if it does you can’t see the presentation (everything was black) this is the link:
Please help me!

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Hello everyone, we are very sorry for the inconvenience and the issue should be fixed now, could you please retry to open the presentations again? Let us know if it worked out! :slight_smile:


Catarina u are awsome thank u very much
prezi is awsome
it’s ok for me

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Thank you Catarina¡ my presentation is now working.

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Era um problema do Prezi mesmo! Hoje já funciona! Experimente

A terça, 18 de jun de 2019, 04:13, Alexandre Miranda via Prezi Next Community prezi@discoursemail.com escreveu:

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Hi! I Just shared it with partners who don’t have a Prezi account and the presentation don’t show on their screen (same black screen issue than the colleague that posted in this group earlier…).
I tried to access the new link on another server (IE) with another email address (a personal one), tried to access the link before and after logging in, but I only see the black screen too.

Hi @sanda_ramirez, could you please send us a link to the presentation? Which browser are you using?

Hi Kata,

Thank you for your message

The link that I am trying to share is the following:

I don’t know what browser the users are working with… let me ask them.

As a test, I re-sent it to my personal email and tried to open it on Explorer, it didn’t work…. I tried on Chrome I and it did work.

Best regards


Hi @sanda_ramirez, Prezi Next is not compatible with Internet Explorer, I’m afraid. I tested it in Chrome and it worked perfectly for me as well.

Still my problem not solved.My presentation on day after tomorrow.please help.
Presentation Link.

Screen Shot