Unable to Edit, Share or Present - Black screen

Hello @Lakmal_Rathnayake, could you please check if you have the most recent Chrome version by clicking here? If not, I’d recommend you to update it and retry to open the editor.

Have you cleared cache/cookies?

Please, guarantee that the hardware acceleration is enabled, you can do so by accessing these settings.

Have also you tried to use a different browser, like Firefox or Safari?

Let me know if this could help :slight_smile:

Dear Catarina,
Thank you for your early reply.
I’m Using Firefox Browser.The error occurred on today it self.
I’ll try the google chrome.

Thank You.

Dear Catarina,
Thank you for your early reply.I tried with google chrome and the problem was solved.thank you again.hope you will help in future due course.your information is very important and helpful.

Thank you.Keep in touch with your good work.

Lakmal Rathnayake.

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Hello @Lakmal_Rathnayake, we apologize for the confusion with the browser, but glad that it’s working on Google Chrome.

Please, let us know if we can assist with anything else, or if you have any other questions!

OK.and thanks again.

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