Unable to edit some presentations (edit greyed out)

I’m getting ready for the semester and I just found that a few of my Prezis have the edit function grayed out. Is there anything I can try to fix this?

Same here… I´m worried

@Juan_Carlos_Rihani_A I shared them with another account, made copies of them with the other account, and then shared them back. I can edit the copies.

I guess it’s something wrong when most of the buttons in the presentation creator doesn’t work!
Anyone else facing a similar problem?
Really frustrating!

Hi, I´m worried, in all the presentations I made with “Prezi Classic” the EDIT button (the pencil one) is blocked, it appears as a shadow and I can´t press it. And also in the presentation menu, the EDIT option is blocked.

As a mater of fact, also the “make a copy” option is troubleshooting, when I press it, a Box appears with the message “Impossible to duplicate this presentation. It seems that something went wrong. Try again”

PLEASE HELP, many of my lectures are made in Prezi Classic.

Hi @Juan_Carlos_Rihani_A, @Anton_Ekholm, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Adobe blocked Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, 2021. You are still able to view all your existing Prezi Classic presentations from your dashboard.

To edit please click the pencil icon on the thumbnail to convert and open the presentation in the Prezi Present editor. We also have a great article online where you can find more information with screenshots. Please check it out here.

@Juan_Carlos_Rihani_A, could you please send me a link to one of the presentations that are having this copying issue?

Thanks, but if the pencil is greyed out - along with the edit option - then how are we supposed to convert Classic presentations?

Hello @Clive_Hilton, could you please send us a screenshot of what you see so we can assist you?