Unable to find Gallery on main page and no font for Urdu language

Hi, Just trying to use Prezi for my business. But found 2 issues. First is unable to find the gallery on the main page. I have to scroll a lot of time to find a gallery page of slides. Please make a link on the main page.
The second is that I want to write the Urdu language in slides but there is no font for the Urdu language. Please add “Noori Nastaleeq” for the Urdu language. Except for the 2 issues, Prezi is great and looking forward to buying a premium subscription. Thanks

Hello @Sarmad_Ahsan, you’re able to see all the available templates when selecting the option “Create from template”, on the main page. Could you please confirm if this is what you’re looking for? :slight_smile:

Regarding using Urdu characters in Prezi, could you please test if you’re able to do so using the Amiri or the Noto fonts?

Hope to hear from you soon!