Unable to record Video from Desktop App

I am unable to record video from Prezi Video Desktop App. It gives me a prompt to continue to Upgrade even though I have the Education Pro account. I am not a 20+ person power user company so I have been trying to figure out where I can upgrade it to make it work. I kept trying to click the upgrade button, but it did not allow my account to do anything but view all my other Prezi licenses.

I recorded the video via website but I would like to use my desktop app only.

Hey @Peter_Cicco can you try logging in to the app again? I’ve updated your license features so you should have the correct license now.

Let me know if you still experience the issue!

Hello Sam,

it seems to work now. Thank you for that. Much appreciated



After compiling a Prezi Video with Templates and Content I am not permitted to record due to a Yellow Band Pop Up Create Videos in HD. It requires a choice to Upgrade Now or Dismiss.
On clicking dismiss the Pop Up goes but when clicking on record it reappears. When Clicking on “Upgrade Now”, I am taken to *


A pop up then opens that says Congratulations You now have Prezi Plus. All the while the “Update Now” button us a revolving series of dots that do not stop.
This prevents me doing a recording form the App.

Hi @Simon_Roche, could you please log out of your Prezi Video application and log back into it?

You can reach this function from the top left menubar clicking on “File”.

Good evening,
I have this same problem. I am unable to record any more videos using Prezi Video within the desktop app.
As primary school teacher (UK) I find this very frustrating during this time of home learning for our children.
Please, please help.

Hello @Ian_Ramsey, are you using Google Chrome? Use Prezi Video through Chrome, clear the cache, restart your browser and log in again into your account.

How to clear the cache on Chrome: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en

Let me know if this was helpful.

Hello Gustavo,
When using Prezi Video through Chrome, everything is ok.
However, I do prefer to use Prezi video through the desktop app and this is where this problem is happening.

Using the app I want to use a remote camera rather than my laptop built in camera. A remote camera would allow me to show my audience how to draw from a much better angle. Can I use a remote camera when accessing Prezi Video in my browser through Chrome?

I hope this all makes sense.
Best wishes…

Hello @Ian_Ramsey, you can use this article to learn how to use an external camera, DSLR. Also in Chrome, if you access the settings, search for camera, there you’ll have a little arrow, and you can select the camera you want to use.

How can I activate the option to record for mac. Only the Full HD option appears and purchase the plan. The tutorials say that it allows recording but the recording step is not enabled. Please check and adjust it is not working, it only forces you to pay Full HD.

Hi @Miguel_Olaya, please note that the recording feature of our desktop application is only available starting from our paid licenses, with the Basic license you can livestream using the Desktop Application.

Hope this helps!

When I want to make a video and I klick on the record button I’m getting this message:

Do I need a pro account to record a video?
Like to hear from you!

Hi @janca_wouters, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Please note that recording in the desktop application is only possible starting from the Edu Plus license.

I am unable to record in the desktop app, I started with the free trial and then upgraded once I knew it was only an option with a paid subscription. Do you need to make an update to my license for this to function correctly?

Hi @Michele_Godges, the recording should be available with your current license.
Could you tell me what is happening if you are trying to record a video?

Thanks for reaching out Bart. I was able to solve it with one of your support agents via chat this morning.





I use the Desktop App. Once I have created my presentation using Templates and then Content, when I click on Record, I get an orange banner across the top of my screen which prevents me from recording.
The banner reads…
Create videos in full HD
Prezi Plus gives you…
and the options to Dismiss or Upgrade.
I don’t want to upgrade and dismiss does not help.

Please can you help a frustrated UK primary school teacher.

Hello @Ian_Ramsey, recording in the desktop app is only available for users with the License Plus or higher, paid licenses. As you use a free account, you have to record it through the online editor, via Google Chrome for example.

I hope this was helpful.