Unable to see my liked prezi's



I liked 10 prezi’s that we’re uploaded by a teacher of mine. I then clicked the ‘review your liked prezi’s here’ link and got a 404 error. Same happened when i clicked on my teacher’s account name.

Any idea what’s wrong?



Could you please send me links to the presentations if possible?




And so on… 8 more. Unable to post more since i’m a free user.


Any idea? Didn’t press the reply button in last post.


In order for us to investigate further, could you please also send us the above-mentioned links: the ‘review your liked prezis here’ one and the one that leads to your teacher’s account?


I also get a 404 whenever i click on his profile. His profile name is “Gert Keunen”.


It is not a problem for us if it shows 404 but we would still need a link to be able to check the case further. Thank you.