Unable to see presentations when opening a view link

I teach and have student’s who submit work with Prezi on occasion. I am not able to see their work. In a few cases I can read the text below, but the presentation was either a blank screen or tiny boxes against a dark screen. I have successfully used this in the past but no longer. Is there any solution?

Hello @Dean_Zepick, could you please send us a screenshot of what you see so we can better assist you?

Hope to hear from you soon!

A student tried two different links

  1. share

A student tried two different links. This is the one using “edit”

Thanks @Dean_Zepick, could you please try to clear cache/cookies of your browser and retry to open the view links afterwards?

Let us know if it worked out!

No, this did not work.

@Dean_Zepick thanks for the confirmation!

Could you please check if you have the most recent Chrome version by clicking here? If not, I’d recommend you to update it and reopen the editor.

Please, guarantee that the hardware acceleration is enabled, you can do so by accessing these settings and clicking on the advanced option:

I’d also recommend to verify if your students are creating a correct view link following these instructions.

Hope to hear from you soon!

I am pretty sur on the hardware setting, because in looking for it was setting me up to disable it. I had another student submit one I could see. Is it possible that as he had a trial account it worked and the others had free accounts. I have reminded them about using the process within Prezi rather than simply copying the web address.

@Dean_Zepick thanks, if they can try with creating a view link through Prezi instead of copying the web address would be great, once that link is optimised for sharing and viewing purposes.

Just keep us updated if it worked out, please!