Unable to view embedded Prezi Classic presentation on mobile


I’m trying to help a lecturer with a Prezi Classic presentation she has embedded on a course web page, which isn’t displaying on mobile devices. I haven’t found how to submit a bug report, so am posting here instead, hope that’s OK.

Prezi Classic presentation embedding failing on mobile


  • Prezi Classic presentation
  • web page to embed it on
  • mobile device (Android or iOS) to test with (or computer browser with user-agent string changed)

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open Prezi Classic presentation on computer.
  2. Click embed, and copy code.
  3. Paste into web page.
  4. Try to open on mobile device (or in computer browser, with user-agent string including “Android”, “iPad”, or “iPhone”).

Actual Behaviour

  • Presentation fails to display.

Additional Notes

  • A work around for Chrome Mobile is clicking the “kebab” menu > Switch to desktop site.

Hello @James_Calder, thanks for the report, please know that Prezi is not officially supported on mobile devices from browsers, therefore we cannot guarantee that they will be displayed properly when you view embedded presentations on smartphones or tablets.

Currently, the only way to view presentations from touchscreen devices is via the free Prezi Viewer application that you can download from your app store.