Underlining text

It would be very nice to have the ability to underline text. 

I can think of no reason why underlining would be a difficult feature to include, especially since Prezi allows for bolding and italicizing. Why does Prezi not support underlining?

There’s an Italics and a Bold option, but no way to underline text…


It would be extremely nice to be able to underline text in Prezi.  As you can see it absolutely adds focus to what you want to say.   Timeline on this?

I remain utterly astounded, baffled, and befuddled that the underlining feature isn’t viewed as an obvious priority for the program.  The lack of underlining feature is the sole reason I haven’t given Prezi another try in the last two years since I first posted this request.  The ability to insert a line manually below text just won’t cut it.  Having a program that is designed to display and manipulate text for a large screen that won’t do underlining is like having a spreadsheet program that won’t do subtraction or a photo editor that won’t crop.

Drawing a line and placing it under text is other than convenient. Please add underlining.