Unreliable support



I am extremely disappointed by the lack of customer support you guys offer. It’s always taking long time for support team to reply and I can’t move forward with my project, especially when I am paying for a service,
Also, all the time I have to mention a presentation, the support team asks for a link to my presentation: this makes it very concerning for privacy matters since the blog seems to be public and anyone can access to the presentation content.
This is not acceptable: you should offer a phone number, a dedicated support team and a live chat to solve issues.


Hello @Mark_Livingston, we are sorry for the bad experience you had with Prezi Support.

Please know that with a Plus license you are able to submit a help request or start a chat with support via the support page or from the in-editor chat. If you need immediate help, please use the live chat option where our support agents can assist you right away.

We are also happy to assist users on our social media platforms and here on the forum. In case an issue arises with a private presentation, we convert forum posts to private message to protect the privacy of users.

Once again I apologise if you were not able to receive immediate help when needed. Please let me know if I can assist you with anything.


I am based on the west coast US (PST) therefore I have never found anyone available for chat. Is there a time I can be sure to find someone available to solve my issue? Also, FYI, I submitted a ticket but the support replies very casually with more than 24hr gap between each questions (it’s been 6 days I submitted my ticket and one (wrong) action of support was performed!) and it’s not sustainable for me. If you could please give me some instructions to be able to chat/get support from someone LIVE would be appreciate it. Thank you