Unsharp / Blurry text

Some text seems to be unsharp / blurry.
As you can see in the image here, the 1th, 3th, 4th and even the 5th line is blurred. 
These are all text grouped with the blue rectangle.

Interesting point;
The artefact is only visible when previewing the Prezi and not in editor mode (online).

Since i’m doing screencaptures of those Prezis, the result is not satisfied.

This is the link to the Prezi:

You can see an example of the blurry text on slide 2 (Second column “Travailleur interimaire”)

Dear epyc epyc,

I cannot see the blurry text now. Did you change it?

How did you manage to get a different colour bullet to the main text?
I cannot see how to do this in the online version. The bullet always remains the same colour as the first letter.

So only by exporting as PNG of the line of text with a  colored bullet is it possible to copy the “epyc epyc” effect?

Also Vera:
Can you answer why my offline version on mac or pc version won’t play despite its simplicity?


Hello Vera

=> Different network:
no result.

When I open the animation for the first time, I see that some text is still blurry. (picture 1)

When enabling the “full screen” button, I  dont see the blurriness. 
When closing the full screen window,  THAN the preview / Prezi-container does not contain the blurriness (picture 2)

=> Different browser:
I am using: Google Chrome 43.0.2357.65 (64-bit) on a Mac OSX 10.10.3

When using Firefox, other text is blurried.
The full screen on/off is not resulting in a good preview. (picture 3)

=> Different computer:
on a different computers, different blurry text (some are the same, some not)
Tested on Windows with Opera  version 29.0.1795.47 and Google Chrome   42.0.2311.152