"Unsupported video format" error message



My video matches all described parameters. It’s an .mp4 file. It is 25.8mb in size. Whether I drag & drop or use the insert>video>upload, I get an immediate error that says, “Sorry, currently MPEG-4 (H.264/ACC) is the only supported video format.”


Hi Chris,
Unfortunately, if a file has the extention mp4, it can still have several possible formats.
Who created this video file?
Do you have video software like adobe premiers to save it as MPEG-4 (H.264/ACC) ?

If you have no idea how to do the above…
(and I’m not going to make a habit of this on the forum :slight_smile: )
Since I feel the pain also of this change in platform.
I could try to convert it for you…



Hi, Paul:
Wow! I really appreciate your offer! Fortunately, I managed to get things going in time through trial and error. The video editor I was using was part of the problem, but, as you say–mp4 is not a definitive format without more qualifications. Out of desperation, I exported my trimmed video in every format I could. What finally brought me success is exporting in a default setting optimized for iPad. I have no idea why, but that did it. It took forever to upload–and Prezi Next does not even give any indication that anything is loading–I just did not get the immediate error so just went about other things and eventually the uploaded video was there.

For a program that is so easy to use in other ways, it’s hard to understand how uploading a video can be so difficult and support for problems so lacking. Thanks again for your very kind offer.



I’m glad this worked out for you Chris. Unfortunately Paul, I am have major trouble uploading my video to Prezi next. Please help. It is an mp4 formatted video.


Nena, could you please send us this video via WeTransfer so that we can run some tests?

Make sure to select Share > link. This will generate a URL link that I can download the video from. Make sure to copy and paste the URL into your reply, so that I can download the video.


Hi Nena, since the Prezi staff already offered to look at your video, I will let them handle this :slight_smile:


Hi Chris,
I had the same problem and the solution was create in Prezi Classic!
MP4 is very common and I hope Prezi will solve this issue SOON.

Kind regards from Brasil,


I’ve tried different video and audio codecs within the MP4 container format. A MP4 container may even encapsulate a DIVX video and a WAV audio, but this streams do not work in Prezi Next (V, although the file extension is *.mp4.

The exclusive codecs for video are H-264, for audio MPEG 4 Audio (AAC). Others are not valid and you get the “Unsupported video format” error message.

Try the following:

  • Load the video into Windows Movie Maker (free) and save the project choosing the recommended format

Does’nt work?

In VLC you can find out codec informations (Media Information from Tools menu) for example:

Choose Media Convert/Save to fit encapsulation, video and audio codec to Prezi:

If you encounter problems with transcoding to AAC format read the hints concerning AAC https://www.vlc-forum.de/thread/1064-problem-mit-transkodieren-zu-h-264-und-aac-mpeg-ts/?postID=3605#post3605 (in german).