Unwanted change saved in my presentation!

Dear support, I have noticed that a change in the design has been saved in my presentation. Is it possible to go back to a previous version? I would like to have the version from Friday 8th around 3pm.

The name of my presentation is " Make it Easy en Inglés" and the link is

Thank you so much!



I still see a version that is not correct from 11th of Jan. I want to see one from 8th or 9th (morning)

Thanks a lot for your help!

Dear Catarina,

I am sorry but I think you are not changing the correct one, I still see one edited today with wrong format… We want to go back to a version for 9th of Jan for the prezzy presentation and I think you modified the Video.

The link for the presentation is this one: Make it Easy en Inglés by Sonia Pérez Rafael on Prezi Next


Thanks a lot,



Thanks a lot! Now I see a correct presentation!