Update fonts in the entire presentation


Is there a way to change the fonts of a theme in one central location? I have tried to manually change each text box to our company’s font, however it seems to revert back to the theme’s font (in some cases), so now I have a Prezi with half of the text boxes in our font and half in the theme’s font. It would be super awesome if I could change the font of a theme in one go just like you can change the background colour of the theme. Any ideas?


If you’d like to update the fonts in your entire presentation, there’s an easy way to do so. You can change one text box to the desired font, right-click on the box and choose Update style preset. It should update the fonts everywhere in your presentation.

I’ve created a short gif on the process:

I hope it helps.


Yes that helps! All fonts are now displaying correctly. Thanks.


Great news, @Care_Source. Thanks for letting us know!



I am not having success with the “update style preset” option. Fonts SEEM to be ok (I haven’t dug in enough to know for sure - I do wish that they would apply the size to all others along with typeface), but I cannot get planet colors to all update.


@Kate_Theodorovich could you please send us a link to the presentation in question?