Update Text Style Preset

Why can’t I add text format to the template? By only setting the colors of the background and shapes you are only completing half the job.

Hi, @Brett_Rotelli. Please know that you can add and edit text. Could you please provide us with more details or send a link to the presentation in question? We’d be happy to take a look.

Adding and editing text are different than having it built into the main template. Having to edit EVERY piece of text that I type is very cumbersome and time consuming. For example, in my last presentation I wanted the text to be white and bold so every time I created a new subtopic I had to type then reformat the text. Why is there not a spot to create a base template for the circles that includes: outline color (including opacity), fill color (including opacity), text color, text font, text format. This should be standard for a presentation software.

I understand not having multiple templates (even though it has been a basic feature of other presentation software for years) but having a base template should be standard coding to streamline creation.

When I was on a live chat with Prezi Support they told me that I just have to reformat each time I create a subtopic which slows down the creation and “creative process” that is such a draw to Prezi.

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We are finding that the creative process is slowly dying in this program. :frowning: The time we are having to spend doing the multiple workarounds due to the lack of requested features which are still “under discussion” for over 16 months is the biggest cumbersome feature. Good luck. We have had the very same issue and are quickly moving back to PowerPoint. It is amazing how you can do so many new cool things with it and the time to figure out those features actually takes shorter time to do than some of the workarounds in Prezi. We are so, so, so sad that is coming to us, after almost 7 years of Prezi, moving back to PowerPoint. :frowning: We are still Prezi customer, but unless there is movement VERY soon, we are gone along with our customers. Very sad.

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Ugh… was just having the same issue. I know coding is hard, but changing template fonts is not a new feature ANYWHERE. Prezi lost so much with Next. I just don’t understand how they strayed so far from what made them great.

@Brett_Rotelli @Martin_Schiltz Did you try updating the text preset? Once you have exactly what you want style-wise for say, Subtitle 1, you can choose to right click & “update style preset” so that now every time you choose Subtitle 1, your preferred style will be used AND it also updates any Subtitle 1 text already in the prezi you might have typed (or if it was in there from the template). If you do that once, you can then re-use your template over and over, not having to do it again. Hopefully that helps (if I’m understanding your issue correctly)!

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