Uploaded PDF Displays Incorrectly

Hi all,

I am attempting to upload a large PDF (in dimension, not file size) into Prezi as I love the navigation tools and would also like to guide users through the document.

Unfortunately, the PDF is displaying with some issues; there are issues with transparency, the text is a little crowded and some of the vector linework appears jagged.

While all other PDF viewers I have tested display the file correctly, none have Prezi’s navigation and guidance tools so I would love to stay within Prezi if possible.

For what it’s worth, the file has been created in and exported from Adobe Illustrator.

Here is the link to the presentation:

Would love any assistance/feedback
Have a nice day

Hello @DSRS_Admin, I can see some of the issues on the presentation file, could you please attach a screenshot of the issues just to make sure I can highlight all to our developers?

Hi Bart,
Thank you for the response.

The first set has the following issues:

  • Curved/Smooth elements become jaggered
  • Text is crowded
  • Transparency issues where you can see overlapping

The second set specifically shows issues with transparency gradients

  • The item becomes misshapen
  • The gradient is irregular

Please let me know if you need any more info/files


Hello @DSRS_Admin, thanks for the details. I’ve forwarded this to our developers. We’ll update this thread once we have any news about the issue.

Thanks Bart, looking forward to it!

@DSRS_Admin The PDF export from Prezi Next Desktop has had defects and performance problems for a while. The PDF export via the web interface at prezi.com is more reliable.

Hey, thank you for the suggestion

Unfortunately this is specifically about issues importing PDFs into Prezi :frowning:

Hello @DSRS_Admin ,

We have received a response from our developers; they said that the issue would stem from the fact that we do not support all PDF features.

The developers have successfully tested the following workarounds on Mac:

  1. Open the PDF with the default Mac PDF viewer and save it. This may simplify the structure of the PDF.
  2. If it does not help, do the same with Affinity Photo.
  3. If it is still not OK, then remove this text box from the pdf and add a new one (you would need to type the text again manually)

I hope this helps, let us know if you need further assistance!