Uploading video gets stuck

I want to upload my recorded video to my prezi account, but every time it stops at 45%.
Can you help me?

Hi @Saskia_Florijn, are you trying to upload a video from your Prezi Video desktop application?
Could you save the file offline on your device?

Hello Bart,
I think my uploadspeed is to low. The video is large, so that could be the problem.
I’ll try to save it offline.

Hi @Saskia_Florijn, just checking in on this. :slight_smile:

Could you save the video offline? Could you also let me know what is your upload speed on the network?

Hi Bart,

I upgraded my upload speed and the problem is solved!


ya grabe el video, pero no quiere procesarlo o esta tardando demasiado
alguna recomendacion u opinion
(fueron 10 minutos de video)

Hola @Ivan_Hernandez, fusioné tu pregunta con el tema relevante.

¿Podría decirme si está en Windows o Mac? ¿Está utilizando la versión del navegador o la aplicación de escritorio? ¿Puedes compartir una captura de pantalla del problema?

Hi Bart. I am uploading a video and it is stuck on 99% and has been for at least 30 minutes. Is there anything you can do to fix this?

Hi @Wimberly_Underwood, this issue has been related to our provider experiencing an outage yesterday.

Could you please check back on the video in 1-2 hours and let me know if it’s still stuck?

My prezi video is stucked for more than 2 hours in uploading.My video is about 7 minutes and my connection are good
My video link: Assignment 3 Individual STIV1013 by Niilesh Murugan on Prezi Video