URGENT: Can't edit, can't display, have to leave for meeting at 6 a.m. TOMORROW!

I opened the Prezi Next app on my desktop, same as I always do. Tried to edit presentation THAT I NEED FOR TOMORROW, and it won’t open. Messages say: “Update app. This presentation is not supported by your version of Prezi Next. Get the latest version to edit it. Technical information, Error code: DOCUMENT_HAS_UNSUPPORTED_ELEMENTS.” I have given this presentation already twice before, and it has not been changed since I gave it last week. Nonetheless, I deleted and reinstalled the app. No luck. When trying to edit not through the app, I got a notification that says that Prezi Next can’t be edited with this browser when I am working with Firefox 64, a supported browser. Trying to call, but told to upgrade. I’m already a premium subscriber. Tried to chat, also told to upgrade, but no upgrade available. HELP PLEASE.

Hi @Jacqueline_Haberfeld, thank you for reaching out. We examined the issue and our experts had no problem opening the presentation from the application. We believe that the root of the problem could be an outdated desktop app version. Most likely you used features in the presentation that were released with a newer version, which the older version cannot display.

Could you please update your Prezi application to the latest version:

If you use Windows:

If you use Mac:

Please let me know if this solution worked out for you!

I| have exactly the same problem, but I am using 1.24. Is there a beta available for me? I have especially bought the Premium subscription for offline use of my presentiation and now it won’t work!!! I need this presentation before tomorrow morning 07:00 AM CET!!!

Hi @Soraya_van_Zantwijk, it can be the outdated version. Are you using Mac or Windows? Please update to the latest version from here, the download link is at the bottom of the page. After you’ve done so, please update, log out of your application and log back in.

Hi @Soraya_van_Zantwijk, if you have a problem updating the app, please try the following steps:

  1. Uninstall the application
  2. Delete your Prezi pitch folder. It should be found in this folder, if you have it %userprofile%\documents\PreziPitch
  3. Restart your computer
  4. Download and install the latest version.

I really hope this will help :crossed_fingers: