Urgent help needed for presentation tomorrow, I'm locked out!

Hi, I already submitted a ticket yesterday which seemed to be resolved this morning. I just read on this blog about the maximum image size, I suspect this is what’s causing my presentation to freeze me out, all I get is (!). I’m unable to get back in to take out the new images that I’ve uploaded and replace with smaller ones. Could you help. This is urgent as it’s for a presentation I have to give tomorrow, been working on full on since yesterday am and don’t want to revert to doing it all again on ppt. The URL is: http://prezi.com/mbkhvapcp4zb/commenc…

Hi Chris,

can you make the prezi reusable - see http://prezi.com/learn/reuse/ how - then I can make a copy, fix it (e.g. remove too big pictures) and you can copy the repaired copy. Please also make sure you have the latest Adobe Flash version, as the ! is a generic flash error. I didn’t receive it BTW, probably because my computer is better equipped :wink:

If you are sure the error appeared with some recent version (like you just inserted a big picture), I can also roll it back to before.

Katrin, thanks for your prompt response. Yes you could roll it back to before I inserted the four new pictures this morning. I’m assuming someone must have reduced the picture size for all the other pictures I put in yesterday as the edit seemed to be working perfectly this morning - am I right? ie are all the other pictures OK to leave in as is? I’ll try and make the prezi reusable following the instructions above.

This problem builds up over time, inserting a few pictures that are technically too large might be OK for a while, depending on how powerful your computer is. But eventually it will brake, that’s why there is the 2880x2880 resolution limit.

But I had this problem yesterday, Zoltan was in touch with me, and this morning it all seemed fine again, which makes me wonder whether he’s gone in and reduced the resolution of the photos that I’d already uploaded. Is there are a way I/you can tell what res the photos from yesterday are?

Oh, yes, then he fixed it already. Did you then make sure any new pictures were smaller? If you took them straight from your camera, they are probably of too high resolution.

No the new pictures I uploaded today were too big I think. Would you be able to resize ore remove these (the’re the ones in the bottom circle that are to the right of “South Africa and Nambia”) as I’m not able to get back in to edit with them there?

Already done: Please make a copy of this http://prezi.com/8zshueiaedkl/ via the button right below the Prezi frame. And reduce the picture quality of the pictures before re-inserting. I placed a # for every too high-res pictures there was. Ciao!

Please also tell me, when I can remove/de-publish the repaired copy from my account.

Am I suposed to click on the link, it says prezi not found, and I don’t see the button you’re refering too? Sorry for being dumb! :slight_smile:

No, no, my mistake. Making the copy copy-able didn’t work right away. Now the above link should work.

OK I’m in, but it’s going to take me a while to retrieve and resize all these photos, how long will you be online?

My work day is actually over (CEST zone :wink:
Just use any photo software to reduce the resolution below the 2880x2880 limit and make backups via this feature every now and then. Good luck!

And I notified our San Fransisco office to take over this topic.

OK, thanks so much, I really appreciate your help!