Use iPhone as your camera

My inbuilt camera is not that great. I have an iPhone 11 with a much better camera. I was trying to hook up my Phone to my MacBook Pro. I downloaded Prezi Video desktop app. But my phone doesn’t appear in the camera selections. Often I try to refresh the camera options, the app crashes.

Was wondering if there is a way to use my iPhone camera.

I currently still have High Sierra.

Would upgrading to Catalina make this possible?

Hi @Luke_Johnson, the crashing of the application should be fixed in the upcoming update for the desktop app.
Unfortunately, setting up your iPhone as the camera is currently not possible. I have forwarded your feedback regarding this and our product team will discover the possibilities for this feature.

Hey Bart,

thanks for the response. I did find a way however.

I downloaded an app called EpochCam to my iPhone and upgraded to the Pro Version for like 8 bucks. Also had to download drivers to my MacBook Pro. But it works.

However, it’s only a little better than my Webcam cam which maxes at 1280x720 and 29 fps.
But on the plus side I can easier move the iphone camera around to get a better shot!

Currently, the resolution is bottlenecked by the Prezi Video app at 1280x720 ( but with the epoch cam app, I can do 30 fps). With the EpochCam app, it can allow for 1920x1080.

Would definitely be game changer if we could use the full iphone camera capability.

Honestly, if there was a way to just pair the timing of the prezi slide switching with an iphone video, then you might be able to bypass having to get a desktop app to be able to work with a video stream real time.
But, I really don’t understand how it all works. just a thought.


Hi @Luke_Johnson, I’m happy to hear that you could find a workaround!
Please note that the Prezi Video desktop application’s max resolution is 1920x1080. Once you have finished the recording you can export the video with “keep original size” selected which should result on an HD video quality.

Thanks for your feedback regarding your experience, I’ve forwarded it to our developers. :slight_smile: