Use Prezi freely with smartphone remote

Hello, unlike other users I use Prezi without an order. All the slides I use during my Speech are in a grid on a front page. I use the one that fits me at the moment. I click on a random image and prezi zooms into it.

On stage I therefore always have to run to my laptop to move the arrow and click on the heweilige slide. At 20m this is stupid.

You can control the prezi with the smartphone and prezi remote - but only to the next slide or back. Prezi does not respond to 2x click and zoom in on any image. Can you fix this?

regards Maike

Hello @Maike_van_den_Boom, could you please elaborate on moving the arrow on your laptop?

I’ll make sure to forward your feedback to our product team regarding the phone remote.

If I klick on my iPhone, on the pic, it zooms in. But it does not zoom in on the big screen.

Hello @Maike_van_den_Boom,

Thanks for your feedback and the feature request. We shared your request with the Product Team and added it to their backlog for future development.

However, please be aware that whilst we wish we could do it all, Prezi focuses on making the Prezi Video experience as good as possible and prioritizing feature development and product improvements accordingly. Therefore, I cannot give you an estimated time when Prezi will implement this feature since it depends on our Engineering and Product teams.

Thank you again for caring and giving us your valuable feedback.