Use tab to move text

It is not possible to pace a tab jump in the middle of the sentence, this tab will always be placed in front of the line. Please implement this.

Hello @Tomek_Jasinski, can you please elaborate on your request and on what you’d like to achieve exactly when editing your text? I’ll be happy to forward your feedback to our developers.

I want to line out the middle part of the sentence like this:

  1. Textline1 Hallo
  2. Textline2 Like this
  3. Textline3 This is done with spaces.
    4.Textline4 This is however what happens when i try to add a tab into the middle of a sentence

Yes so your textfield here deletes the spaces inbetween the words, you can see what i mean when you try to edit this reply

Hello @Tomek_Jasinski, I apologize for any inconvenience. I have forwarded your request and feedback to our developers.